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Spiders, Critters and mystery people

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I haven’t written for quite a while, it didn't seem appropriate during lockdown to be referring to walking lots of miles or asking for donations.

But I’ve had time to renovate my shed, which fell into disrepair over winter and discovered a great product called ‘No Nonsense expanding foam' £4.79 from Screwfix. Filled all those gaps in the shed which let in the damp, large spiders and generally unpleasant critters. Scrubbed it from top to bottom and now my ‘Femme Den’ or ‘She Shed’ (prefer the former name) is back up and running … a haven of pastel pink and mint green.

So, installed in said den, I decided to reflect on covid-19 living. What a strange time it’s been, a completely different way of life for so many. Although those who lived through war time tell of some similarities.

Before lockdown we could go anywhere, visit sights, attractions, friends, family no matter how far away in miles or time. Create a new home from home beside a beach for a couple of weeks or take a cruise. Buy food without queuing.

But …we adapted, discovered new pastimes, we became artists, bakers, cyclists, musicians, teachers, gardeners, recyclers, sewed masks and scrubs for the NHS, changed our homes into offices. Used every means possible to keep in touch, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp video calls, how many of us took to the weekly skype quiz with family and friends? We should congratulate ourselves.

In many places a strong sense of community blossomed, checking on neighbours, shopping for others, caring.

Peace seemed to descend for a while as traffic noise plummeted, aircraft were grounded and presumably because air pollution fell, daylight became sharp and clear.

When looking back after all this has passed, will I remember what I did, missed, enjoyed, discovered? So, note to self, write it down...

Sorted out … the family photo box … a large box of mostly 6 x 4 photos, dating from when a film cartridge had to be developed at the print shop. Then excitement over collecting photos, only to discover a thumb over the lense. At the bottom of the box, old pictures prompting lots of ooohs and ahhhs and do you remember whens and who on earth is that.

Discovered ... I can do without girlie shopping expeditions but have I been weened off retail therapy …. hmmmm possibly not.

Enjoyed ... the tv program Graysons art club … what a wonderful way he has with people and inspiring art projects … anything goes.

Discovered and loved … Jan Garbareck Parce Mihi Domine … a most beautiful piece of music. (But so hard to spell)

Retreated into … reruns of Escape to the Chateaux, love the Chateaux, Angel and that walled garden.

Enjoyed … get togethers with the neighbours over the garden fence (thanks Sue and Steve)

Realised … hairdressers and dentists are worth their weight in gold.

Discovered … a comfortable pair of walking shoes is essential for my 1,000 mile challenge. But walking I have been and fast approaching my halfway point of 500 miles which should be reached over the next few days.

So… spiders vanquished, critters removed, unrecognised people still a mystery.

But..what did I miss most…?

Hugging my daughters 😘


I'm walking the 1,000 mile challenge to fundraise for 3 great cancer charities, supporting their life-saving work. Sadly, cancer affects too many people, so I'd appreciate any donations, no matter how big or small. Visit my donate page if you'd like to make a contribution. Thank you

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