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Rising to the challenge: The start of my 1,000 miles

This is my first blog, not just for 2020 but first time ever. I had this idea that I would use my love of walking to raise money for charity. Being a digital dinosaur I jumped at my daughter’s offer to create a website. She being a wiz at all things digital flew across the keyboard and within moments strung words, pictures and links together and announced “you need to learn how to blog, post on Facebook and connect with Instagram... Maybe a ‘lol’ at this point might be appropriate.

I decided to go for a walk to consider the ‘backend’ of my website and all things digital.

Kitted out with decent walking boots (there in lies another Blog about choosing walking boots), waterproof trousers,coat and hat (with a large brim that stops the rain dripping off the nose and down the neck) I set about my 1000 miles tasked with obtaining a social media degree.

However I’m am determined to join the digital arena and hope you will join me in my year long 1000 mile challenge to raise money for cancer charities.

The 1000 miles will be over and above day to day walking… I promise not to include visiting the sales or walking to the cupboard reaching for Christmas chocolates and leftovers.

Here’s to a 1000 miles of blogging in 2020.


I'm walking the 1,000 mile challenge to fundraise for 3 great cancer charities, supporting their life-saving work. Sadly, cancer affects too many people, so I'd appreciate any donations, no matter how big or small. Visit my donate page if you'd like to make a contribution. Thank you.

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