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My Fitbit buddy

Santa delivered a fitbit this Christmas, I didn't write to him but he must have known that tracking miles and calories was on my mind. Just a thought, but if I’d told him I had been good all year, perhaps he would have brought chocolates instead.

However, miles and calories are just a tiny fraction of data that fitbit can gather and if you wear it 24/7 you can't hide the fact you have sat around all day. But, aha, you can at least hide calorie intake, just don't log your food. Make yourself feel good by checking the calories fitbit says you've used, just getting through the day.

My heart beat has never been uppermost in my mind. I have always taken it for granted that my ticker would just keep pulsing away happily in the background. But whenever I look at the time now there is this little pulsing ❤️with a number beside it showing my heart rate, which uncannily soars when walking uphill or using my contactless credit card.

Which is another feature of the fitbit…. it tells you how much height you've climbed during the day, equivalent to floors of a building. No wonder the walk through the Chilterns the other day nearly killed me. 75 floors and 752 ft but I have to say, through the most amazing country side.

So according to Fitbit my walking is achieving quite prolonged periods of cardio and fat burn exercise, approx 45% is fat burn and 55% is cardio. This definitely justifies why I don't need to increase the pace to running. I have tried running but the bod keeps saying ‘you’re no good at it’ it hurts😢

There is so much more still to discover about my stat generating fitbit companion and I have to say I’m quite a fan… I think Alexa may enable voice activation. There’s a chance I may be mistaken for a security official if I starting talking into my sleeve.

More stats here soon and what to consider when buying walking shoes.


I'm walking the 1,000 mile challenge to fundraise for 3 great cancer charities, supporting their life-saving work. Sadly, cancer affects too many people, so I'd appreciate any donations, no matter how big or small. Visit my donate page if you'd like to make a contribution. Thank you.

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