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Butterfly Brain

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I’ve often been accused of having the brain of a butterfly but hey, the world needs more butterflies.


Many of my walks lately have been two or three hours long. If I’m walking in a group, conversations and subjects vary wildly from current news, careers, family matters, books, new projects and hobbies, to future events scheduled, the list is endless. The pace within group walks vary, those at the front tend to be a little faster, those at the back sometimes a little more sedate. This changes throughout the walk, some picking up the pace some dropping back. As the pace of individuals vary so do the conversations in which you may be involved. One moment the pace may be fast matching the flow of ideas discussed. Equally you may decide to slow down, join a different conversation. This goes on for the whole walk, and is completely accepted by all and makes for a very cohesive group.

If I’m walking on my own I tend to really chillout, enjoy and really notice my surroundings, let my mind wander through any subject that comes to mind. Not disciplined in any way, no conclusions drawn, no note to self for further actions.

Then the other day whilst walking on my own, a dose of reality hit me. Perhaps I should use this time more wisely, be more disciplined in my thoughts, no more wandering ideas ... strive for constructive thoughts ... 101 ways for self improvement, 10 ways to become fitter, 15 ways to declutter your mind, 1000 ways to be a better person, comprehensive ways to save the planet.

I considered these ideas whilst being distracted by a buzzard flying silently overhead but realised there’s a show stopper … by the end of my 3 hour walk how on earth am I going to remember all these constructive, disciplined thoughts.

Then an idea ... for Christmas I bought my husband (who loves everything science and technology) the book by Neil DeGrasse Tyson ‘Letters from an Astrophysicist’. I haven't yet read the book but his podcasts have reduced me to hysterical laughter whilst he deliberated ‘Quantum Physics’ of all things. Degrasse Tyson’s sense of humour is witty and whimsical.

Here may be a compromise … I err on the side of outdoorsy and arty, perhaps on my solitary walks I could start to ponder new subject areas … science rather than colour palettes for paintings and interiors, Einstein and Darwin rather than Da Vinci and Emin. This feels good … I’m sure I can do this and as long as I don't have to prove any theories I’ve concluded, it’s eminently workable.

At the moment I like this idea … at the moment … hold on where did that buzzard go…?


I'm walking the 1,000 mile challenge to fundraise for 3 great cancer charities, supporting their life-saving work. Sadly, cancer affects too many people, so I'd appreciate any donations, no matter how big or small. Visit my donate page if you'd like to make a contribution. Thank you.

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