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60 is the new 40

They say that 60 is the new 40...that you are only as young as you feel...but I can’t remember what I felt like yesterday.

I started my 1,000 mile challenge in my 60th year. I couldn’t understand why walking the first steep hill made me feel like 90 not the youthful 40 they say I should feel.

However there is no denying, when one's body has been around for 60 years, it's not going to work as well as when it was 40. It's going to need a little more maintenance, parts might need replacing, and despite eating healthily and staying active, some parts most definitely stop working.

Maths has never been my strongest subject, but I think it's true to say that, if I was born in 1959, and turned 60 in 2019, I must have turned 40 in 1999…. Shriek ! That was the last century. Think, think, think…. What was I doing in 1999 and more importantly do I want to embrace the trappings of a 40 year old again at 60?

What might have changed ?


What car should I be driving? Now that has changed a lot since I was 40 and quite happy to drive my Volvo Estate which was a workhorse that could carry everything including the kitchen sink. I have done the retired thing and tried a little sporty number, but my 60 year old vertebrae did not take kindly to tight suspension over bad road surfaces. Electric cars are here. With fewer parts, breakdowns and servicing are reduced… more importantly they are very fast! However there are a few must-haves comfy seats, preferably heated... Oh and plenty of lumbar support (that's the 60 year olds spec)


For fitness in the 90s, there seemed to only be repetitive aerobics classes with everyone swathed in lycra. Now there are many classes from Zumba to Body Combat and Pilates which suits everybody (no lycra required). Surely whilst twisting myself into a position resembling a pretzel I could imagine being 40 again. But in a mixed age class it becomes apparent that I can no longer get my hands clasped behind my knees whilst my toes point to the ceiling. Whereas the lady on the mat beside me can. But she looks like she may be 40ish.


I really can't remember what I used to wear when I was 40. Maybe I'll dig out the photos and cringe. Evidently high waisted trousers and skirts were in, along with plastic chokers. Surely this was not the fashion for a 40 year old. My girls were 4 and 6 in 1999 and I loved choosing their clothes …. Now they choose mine


Now I am shocked, I have just read an article about Jamie Oliver bursting in on the food scene in 1999. Surely it was only a couple of years ago we were all adopting his new way of cooking. Nigella Lawson and River Cottage also came to the fore (love Hugh but jealous of Nigella for being so glamorous) I can, however, remember quite clearly that around my 40s I was still able to eat a large pizza and a tub of ice cream without gaining a pound, now I just have to look at ice cream and I've gained a dress size.


According to Wikipedia, some news highlights of 1999 include .... The launch of the Euro; Glenn Hoddle was sacked as England Manager; The minimum wage was introduced, £3.60 for over 21 and £3.00 under 21. There was a solar eclipse which attracted the attention of 350,000,000 people … but the most exciting news, 1999 was to be the last year of the 20th century.

The Millennium dome was completed, the London Eye erected and the mainstream media (was that a term in 1999?) anticipated the ‘Millenium bug’. Despite all the hype around the millenium bug, planes did not fall out of the sky, electricity continued to pulse through cables and it came to pass the world moved on without a technical hitch into the 21st century.

Nowadays I like to avoid mainstream media or ‘msm’ as much as possible and try to live in blissful ignorance.

I still don't really know what they mean by ‘60 is the new 40’. Maybe it means we are just ageing more slowly, possibly it could just mean ‘you are as old as you feel’ , which on a good day ... well, if on a good day you feel 40 that's fantastic, go for it.…. On a bad day ...let's not dwell too much on the bad days. Sit back, relax ... let those 40 year olds run around being busy... After all, 40 is probably the new 20.


I'm walking the 1,000 mile challenge to fundraise for 3 great cancer charities, supporting their life-saving work. Sadly, cancer affects too many people, so I'd appreciate any donations, no matter how big or small. Visit my donate page if you'd like to make a contribution. Thank you

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